How Big Data will help in DOOH Audience Measurement

Up to now, Audience Measurement techniques have been based on analysis of data coming from very few spots (few cameras on top of a Digital Signage monitor). The data coming from this spots have been analyzed locally, and has often just been used for driving the spot typology “launched” to the screens, e.g.: if a majority of viewers were female and middle-aged, then spots targeted to them would be shown.
Pareja Medicion AudienciaQuividi Medición Audiencia
Big Data analysis will help in two ways: understand customer behavior and increase validity of commercial advertising.
Obviously, there is a third advantage for the companies that sell audience measurement applications: a wider number of interconnected devices will mean more revenue (more units, but also long term contracts –some of the main difficulties they are facing now).

Cameras (for audience measurement) are not the only trick. 5 years ago, a Spanish Digital Software startup began using a Bluetooth device inside every player just to check the number of passers-by. Then they made their numbers: ”as nearly X% of population has a mobile phone (no tablets then, though), and Y% have their Bluetooth switched on, the result is the number of people that may have passed by our screen”. Of course, it sounds like OLD now. But there is always something to be invented, so innovate now!

  • Have (or use) a widely used mobile app (such as Shopkick®, but can be Twitter® or Facebook®) and make it work with your Digital Signage (what I call #somedooh – for Social Media on Digital Out Of Home). Use Big Data techniques to extract value out of it.
  • Crunch data coming from the mobile devices AND the interaction with the screens via NFC and/or QR codes
  • Cross information with sales CRM from your shops and customers globally (and I mean THE WORLD). Again, Big Data works.
  • Use extensively. Please observe Data Protection laws everywhere, but take advantage of the information you gather: gender, age group, etc., and of course:

Two tips:

  1. Think on what is your aim: increasing revenue? Customer satisfaction? Number of visits? Avoid showrooming?
  2. And then act! Please remember technology is not the only thing, and start thinking about retail marketing. Big Data crunching will do the rest

Welcome to my new blog! / ¡Bienvenido a mi nuevo blog!


(ENGLISH FOLLOWS) Siguiendo algunas sugerencias en twitter (@rafaelnegro), he decidido ampliar con este blog la profundidad y el detalle de la investigación en Cartelería Digital, Retail Marketing y Social Media & Digital Out of Home (#someDOOH). Seguro que lo disfrutarán. La foto que acompaña con Bibendum fué tomada en París, en el Salon de Point de Vente, 2010. ¡Bienvenidos!

Desde 2006 he estado involucrado en los principales proyectos de Digital Signage en Europa, como Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo (2007), Caixa Catalunya (2008), BBVA y Nordea (2009), Repsol (2011). Adicionalmente, ha realizado colaboraciones en Carteleria Digital para Renfe, Tesco, Hewlett-Packard y en cadenas de tiendas retail. Desde 2010 imparto en el Cepade de la Universidad Politecnica de Madrid el primer curso reglado de Digital Signage en España. Aunque de formación tecnica (soy ingeniero), pongo por encima de la tecnologia a la ciencia del retail marketing, de la cual soy entusiasta tras conocer los trabajos de Paco Underhill.

Mi historial profesional es el siguiente:

He ocupado varias posiciones a nivel de Comité de Dirección de empresas tecnológicas, habiendo sido Director de Operaciones y Country Manager de UNISYS España (1996-2000), y profesor de la UNISYS University. También he sido Directivo del Grupo Telefónica en Atento (2000-2006), habiendo ocupado las posiciones de Director de Operaciones, Planificación y Negocio. Como tal fui responsable de la Alianza con BBVA en Europa y Latinoamérica. Desde 2006 a 2009 he sido Directivo para Europa en la empresa de digital signage John Ryan Intl. Actualmente soy el máximo responsable de Asesica, un grupo de consultoría de Digital Signage, Retail Marketing, Formación y Outsourcing. También soy Profesor de los cursos de “Digital Signage ”y de “Sales Management” en el CEPADE de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM).

Soy Ingeniero de Telecomunicación por la UPM, PDG por el IESE y Diplomado en Administración de Empresas por CEPADE.


Following some recommendations on twitter ( @rafaelnegro ), I have decided to widen and deepen the detail of my research on Digital Signage, Retail Marketing and Social Media & Digital Out of Home (#someDOOH). I am sure you will enjoy. Photo with Bibendum taken in Paris, Salon du Point de Vente, 2010. Welcome!

Since 2006 I have been involved in many of the top Digital Signage projects in Europe, such as Caja Mediterráneo (2007), Caixa Catalunya (2008), BBVA and Nordea (2009), Repsol (2011). In addition, I have provided consultancy services for Renfe (Spanish Rail), TESCO, Hewlett-Packard, as well as retail chains. As of 2010 I am professor of the first official Digital Signage training program in Spain at Cepade (Polytechnic University of Madrid). Although from a technical background, since I got to learn about the works of Paco Underhill, I am an enthusiast of retail marketing.