10 questions I am taking to the ISE show (Amsterdam, 4-6 February)

Next week I will pay the obligatory visit (this is my 5th year) to yet another promising ISE event. As usual, we are flooded with news regarding new HW and SW, some recently announced or displayed at the previous CES show. But to be honest, I am taking a lot of questions to Amsterdam. And I cannot promise I will have the answers by the end of next week. So watch this blog just in case…

  1. Do we really need 4K monitors for Digital Signage? And curved ones?
  2. Now that LED prices have dropped to a feasible level: May we now use the right PIXEL density for window shop applications? And for indoors? Which is it?
  3. Have we readily come to a winning solution in Audience Measurement?
  4. Do videowalls with the new-smaller bezels really make a difference?
  5. Is it the end to video rear projection cubes (large or small)?
  6. What is the future regarding Digital Signage external players?
  7. So Digital Signage now became a commodity – or is there a place for mamooth DS SW companies?
  8. Is OLED technology ever going to happen?
  9. OMNICHANNEL marketing: are killer SOMEDOOH applications (social media @ digital out of home) on show?
  10. And finally about the show itself: is bigger better?

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