What I have told my friends about the ISE2014 show

Yes, the show was great.

Talk was business, business, business. No time to waste in there. Crisis was over last year, so now nobody even remembers it. Attendance was 51.000, a new record (last year it was 44.000). However, my belief is that this year it was really more crowded.

I really appreciated InfoComm‘s gift for their training (two sessions free of cost). I certainly liked Robert Simpson’s on Tech trends in High Res Displays.

Some of the big guys – not all – focused on innovation. I preferred the ones presenting new solutions in a clear manner (LG clearly knows how to).

2014-02-04 12.02.56Surprised to see a Projectors comeback, both for Digital Signage as for home or cinema use.

And yes, there were FREE SPACES in Pavillion 8 (Digital Signage). The only one at the show with empty slots. Obviously Digital Signage is all around the show, so perhaps that was due to small companies finally not attending.

2014-02-04 12.13.354K: Those words were everywhere, from projectors to LEDs, from Digital Signage to control and distribution equipment. Altough panels are ready for buying, some of the equipment that manages 4K will be available along the year incorporating H.265, HDMI 2.0, etc.

And now with the SMALL things, the ones that make a show enjoyable. That little gimmicks that may become the big successes of the future. The ones you will find in small boths at the corners of the halls.

We found an interesting audio for digital signage solution for smatphones via App at Barix. Worth watching for Digital Signage at train cars, and indoor places with very long waiting times.2014-02-05 14.39.35

We loved the E Ink shelf labels, obviously not a Digital Signage solution, but one that certainly has2014-02-05 14.21.21 come to stay and that (pity) will make obsolete the tiny TFT shelf displays that did include Digital Signage content.

We also loved some applications on LCD mirror displays. Worth watching for lifts and hotel lobbies (even at hotel rooms!)

2014-02-04 10.22.44

We too liked the Digital Signage displays with colour lighting  for meeting room booking  at Grassfish. Not a new solution, just an extension to their SW platform. It can be decorated with printed information that personalizes each room

2014-02-04 11.33.39And a final mention to a surprising solution for faking real windows with displays using a Kinect camera at easescreen. Pity it can only work with one guy watching at the time (otherwise it will keep moving the picture).

And now on with the answers to the questions to our previous post:

  1. Do we really need 4K monitors for Digital Signage? And curved ones? 4K will be a success with videowalls, and – perhaps – touchscreen monitors (the ones you have to look really close). Otherwise, at this point in time, it is a waste of money. Curved displays are dedicated to home use.
  2. Now that LED prices have dropped to a feasible level: May we now use the right PIXEL density for window shop applications? And for indoors? Which is it? The answer is YES. P1.9 LEDs were at the show, and some Shenzhen guys promised they will have P1 (!!!!) by the end of the year. So if you can pay for it, now you can have the right LED for virtually anything.
  3. Have we readily come to a winning solution in Audience Measurement? Surprisingly, after last years explosion on solutions, this year little attention was paid to this. Intel is integrating AIM into RCM (their new DS SW) meaning that other DS SW integrators working with AIM are worried about the future of it.
  4. Do videowalls with the new-smaller bezels really make a difference? We saw the 3.5 mm bezel and honestly, it is STILL A BEZEL
  5. Is it the end to video rear projection cubes (large or small)? Christie, Samsung, Eyevis, they still show their small products and we do not think this solution has come to an end. Regarding the large ones, we are not so sure.
  6. What is the future regarding Digital Signage external players? Strong and healthy, With the upcoming of 4K you will need a lot of processing power.
  7. So Digital Signage now became a commodity – or is there a place for mamooth DS SW companies? We believe there is room for all. This year we have not seen any concentration movements in the sector
  8. Is OLED technology ever going to happen? Not in 2014. Still very little production and problems with life time of displays.
  9. OMNICHANNEL marketing: are killer SOMEDOOH applications (social media @ digital out of home) on show? Not on show (well we saw some mention to it). Perhaps ISE is not the place to be seen with this – pity.
  10. And finally about the show itself: is bigger better? The show was very good indeed, it was a little bit bigger, but certainly it is still the right size for me. Please DO NOT EXTEND IT TO THE WEEKEND (as someone mentioned), it will kill its spirit. And for next year we want this WEATHER again!!!

2014-02-05 13.34.23