So many lost opportunities…

When JC Decaux Madrid MetroI go to work, or when I travel, this is a recurring issue in Spain: DOOH screens everywhere, but little paid content (Ads!).

These networks complement their well earned paid content with local advertising (lower prices), infotainment, quizs, or even video feeds.

It makes me think of all the companies that are spending their money on creating new networks: at the underground, the airports, the shopping centers, our motorways… So where are the advertisers? What are they thinking now?


In the past they said that audience was not measured, or effectiveness, or impacts. That TV was better. That DOOH was expensive. And now? All has been achieved with success. Campaigns do integrate with social media. They are interactive. Their uptime is fantastic.

This is a call to advertisers: you have the screens and the networks waiting for you. Use them! It is money well spent. Thank you.Image Animo TV Plaza Norte

Note: Pictures of networks appearing in this post resemble just a few of well designed, well placed DOOH screens around Spain. There are many more, of course, that would deserve to be in it. Sorry for the lack of space.


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