Carrefour digitizes point of sale with Digital Signage

Carrefour implements jointly with Neo Advertising a digitalization project using screens and interactive kiosks at points of sale across the Spanish territory. The aim of this project is developing a new means of communication with the customer: direct, multi-channel and effective.Carrefour proyecto DSAs the pioneer of the concept of the actual hypermarket, Carrefour commits on improvements and innovations in their stores. This has let it become the first distribution group at European level and the second worldwide. The retail company has taken a further step in this process of innovation, with the development of the digital experience in their stores with Digital Signage. This new communication channel broadcasts digital and interactive content at the point of sale, via displaying devices connected to its data network.

The main objectives driving the project are: providing information to optimize purchasing, foster interest in products, and promote sales. For this purpose, new applications have been developed to display content in real time via interactive websites, queue management or interactive catalogs at the wine bar or childcare areas among others, thus promoting cross-selling.

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Innovation and interactivity

Carrefour customers are enjoying now an innovative and interactive point of sale. Catalog stock queries through the screens help facilitate the purchasing process at many store areas such as bed ware, home appliances, fitness or electronics. The new features are designed to enhance consumer experience and encourage multichannel customer communications.

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 Neo is responsible for procurement, installation and configuration of hardware and software nationwide. It is also responsible for content management and technical support and maintenance of the entire system. Solutions installed in the project are all customized and integrated in the furniture and layout of the store.